The Best Halloween Cocktail Recipe To Make At Home | The Boogie Man’s Bloodbath

Spooky season is here and we’re celebrating with this devilishly delicious cocktail! Let’s make the best Halloween cocktail recipe for any party or occasion!

Halloween Cocktail Recipe

Halloween is a holiday favorite here at Barmalade®. Our mixologists thought hard about the perfect drink that would inspire all of our Halloween enthusiasts. Our October cocktail is oozing Halloween vibes with its crimson red raspberry color and its killer combination of spirits and garnishes.  

Our Raspberry-Hibiscus Cocktail Mixer was the perfect fit for this Halloween, bringing a sweet and tart punch to your drink or cocktail. We paired that with Tequila Blanco and Galliano L’Aperitivo to give you some serious flavor and punch. 

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The Best Halloween Cocktail Recipe To Make At Home

Galliano L’Aperitivo is a bitter, or ‘Amaro’ in Italian. It’s infused with Mediterranean citrus such as oranges, bergamots, bitter oranges and grapefruits. This blend gave our cocktail the perfect amount of tart and sweet. 

Tequila Blanco, or Silver, is tequila in its purest form. It is sometimes referred to as the essence of tequila. It is clear in color and usually bottled immediately after the last distillation. This produces an agave-forward clear spirit with hints of citrus & spice that blends perfectly into any citrus forward cocktail.

Cocktail garnishes bring it all together! We used fresh raspberries and lime juice, along with a cranberry topper for that sour scream you love! 

Make The Best Halloween Cocktail With Our Raspberry-Hibiscus Barmalade® Cocktail Mixer

We’ll put a spell on you with this cocktail! We introduce….

The Boogie Man’s Blood Bath Cocktail


made with barmalade

Step One

1 oz of raspberry hibiscus barmalade


Step Two

tequila blanco

Step Three

galliano laperitivo

Step Four

add fresh lime juice and ice

Step Five

shake shake shake

Step Six

pour in spooky glass


Step Seven

top with owens cranberry and lime

The Boogie Man’s Blood Bath Cocktail

It’s that simple! You can make the best Halloween cocktail at home, with premium ingredients! Don’t be a bore at your next Halloween gathering. Bring Barmalade® to the party and watch people scream with joy. 

boogie mans cocktail recipe

Video Recipe For The Boogie Man’s Blood Bath Cocktail


The Boogie Man’s Blood Bath Cocktail Recipe



1 oz Raspberry-Hibiscus Barmalade®

1 ½ oz Tequila Blanco

½ oz Galliano L’Aperitivo

½ oz Fresh Lime Juice

Owens Cranberry + Lime (Topper)

Raspberries (Garnish)



  1. Combine all ingredients except Owens Cranberry + Lime soda into shaker, add ice and shake vigorously.
  2. Strain into a martini glass, top with Owens Cranberry + Lime, and garnish with raspberries.

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