How To Videos

Watch how easy it is to make a craft cocktail at home using Barmalade®! Our all natural fruit mixers give you the delicious, complex flavor you expect in handcrafted cocktails, but without all the effort. Create cocktail perfection in under 1 minute. No need to hand muddle a cocktail again, just add Barmalade®! #approachablemixology #welcometothecocktailrevolution

If you prefer to read, please visit our blog on The Best Mixed Drinks and Cocktail Ideas – Barmalade Mojito Edition here.

Fancy a margarita? With Blood Orange-Guava Barmalade®, Taco Tuesdays just got an upgrade! See how simple it is to make refreshing margs using Barmalade®, frankly any flavor is fantastic!

Elevate your lemonade with Strawberry-Kiwi Barmalade®. One of our easiest recipes ever – only 2 ingredients! You can even make it a mocktail for the kiddos.

Barmalade® cocktails are so simple…you can make them in a chair, you can make them anywhere. You can make them in a tree, it’s so easy as you can see!

The buck stops here for bourbon fans. Making a Kentucky Buck has never been so easy, never hand muddle a strawberry again!